There are 1000’s of mortgage lenders.  We’re the ones with goosebumps when saving you money. 

Why. We created Mortgage Minds to deliver value in your life, because we passionately demand it in ours. We define value as a keen listening ear, intelligent financial opinions, and solid execution at a great price. Because we're people people, when we do this with clients we enjoy laughing and smiling with, it truly gives us goosebumps.

What. Many mortgage lenders overcharge and misappropriate mortgage strategies, because they're not educated or familiar with financial planning principles. We're different. Our real estate loan experiences are delivered with a heavy dose of customized strategic planning that includes conversations about your goals, budget, portfolio, taxation, insurance, estate and retirement planning. Besides getting a customized home loan that meets your exact needs, you can take our value nugget suggestions to your CPA, Investment Advisor or Attorney for implementation. When combined with processional hand holding, annual post-closing reviews, and a pathetic sense of humor, heck yes, we're different!

How. Brent Wilson, Certified Financial Planner™ and founder of Mortgage Minds, has created a low-overhead, cost efficient lending platform powered by American Pacific Mortgage, a nationally recognized mortgage ecosystem headquartered in Roseville, CA. With the flexibility to act as a Broker", and over 100 years of local lending experience, The Minds truly deliver a unique approach that can save you big bucks over time. From the first time we connect, the difference should be obvious.

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